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  1. 511 AdWords Negative Placements You’re Missing

    Notice your ad showing up in places they shouldn’t be? Even if you do a great job at targeting your campaign, sometimes your ads will still show up on irrelevant sites.

  2. 196 Negative Keywords Missing in Your Campaign

    So you’ve found your keywords, broke them into groups, wrote some compelling ads, and now you think you are ready to launch your AdWords search campaign.  When you review your campaign a few weeks later, you see a bunch of irrelevant search queries causing your ads to pop up. These unwanted search terms are: ·         […]

  3. 3 Unique Gmail Ad Strategies You Need to Know

    Have you noticed a few extra emails in your inbox? If you are using Gmail, you might have seen the new Gmail Ads, or Gmail Sponsored Posts (GSP). These ads look just like promotional emails, except when you click on them, you see an ad instead of an actual email. If you don’t use Gmail, […]