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  1. Get your free poster of the Queen!

    Want to show your passion for the Canadian Monarchy? Looking for an interesting gift? Or just want to spruce up your man cave? Well you are in luck! All you have to do is call 1 800 O-Canada and the Canadian government will send you a poster of Her Majesty The Queen! I first did heard […]

  2. How I became the “best looking digital marketer in Vancouver”​

    Seriously. Google “Who is the best looking digital marketer in Vancouver“. You’ll find me at the top of the page. Did I win any awards? No. Did other people mention me online in this fashion? No Do people think of me this way offline? Maybe. But how I got here was just after a week […]

  3. Escaping the Walled Gardens of Facebook, Amazon & Google

    This is a recap of my presentation at the Vancouver Web Design Meetup. I was happy to be the token digital marketer presenting at the meetup. The audience is a mix of programmers, designers, & students, but I it’s important to keep marketing in mind when you are developing your site. If you ask a […]

  4. Why isn’t my yelp review recommended?

    Does this sound familiar? You’ve been pretty passive about your company’s Yelp profile over the years because it didn’t seem like a high priority. Some “okay” reviews piled up naturally and everything seemed fine. Then you get a negative review. Legit or not, this review sticks to the top of the page and isn’t going […]

  5. Local SEO: Snack Pack vs Ranking Locally. What’s the difference?

    Ranking locally is something almost every business should be worried about. You want your website to be shown when people are searching for your product or service in your area. But did you know there are two ways to show up on the search results page? There are The traditional organic listings, which have links […]

  6. How to Get Your Videos Ranking on YouTube

    Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? Have you noticed that Google often shows Youtube video links on the first page for search phrases like “How to format a table in google sheets” “Best USB microphone” “Setting up Apple TV” Or “Spaghetti and meatballs recipe”? Do you believe that people are […]

  7. 3 Keys to Rank on Google Maps

    Having your business rank high in google maps is becoming increasingly important. Not only is Google showing the maps at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) more frequently, but it is only showing the top three businesses. How can you make sure that our business is being included in these results? There […]

  8. 511 AdWords Negative Placements You’re Missing

    Notice your ad showing up in places they shouldn’t be? Even if you do a great job at targeting your campaign, sometimes your ads will still show up on irrelevant sites.

  9. 196 Negative Keywords Missing in Your Campaign

    So you’ve found your keywords, broke them into groups, wrote some compelling ads, and now you think you are ready to launch your AdWords search campaign.  When you review your campaign a few weeks later, you see a bunch of irrelevant search queries causing your ads to pop up. These unwanted search terms are: ·         […]

  10. 3 Unique Gmail Ad Strategies You Need to Know

    Have you noticed a few extra emails in your inbox? If you are using Gmail, you might have seen the new Gmail Ads, or Gmail Sponsored Posts (GSP). These ads look just like promotional emails, except when you click on them, you see an ad instead of an actual email. If you don’t use Gmail, […]