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  1. Escaping the Walled Gardens of Facebook, Amazon & Google

    This is a recap of my presentation at the Vancouver Web Design Meetup. I was happy to be the token digital marketer presenting at the meetup. The audience is a mix of programmers, designers, & students, but I it’s important to keep marketing in mind when you are developing your site. If you ask a […]

  2. Using Sprout Social to Schedule Posts with Images

    I initially just started using Sprout Social for it great reporting for my multiple clients at work. It was an added bonus when I found out how easy it is to schedule twitter posts on there. Not only does it automatically shorten your links for you, but you can also easily drag and drop photos […]

  3. Organizing your social media with a blog-centric social model.

    Imagine an event promoter who is constantly trying to sell tickets to events.  They have a huge following on Facebook, and an even larger following on twitter.  The event is detailed event page on their Facebook with a link to the Ticketmaster or EventBrite link.  Daily tweets are urging their thousands of followers to view […]