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  1. Get your free poster of the Queen!

    Want to show your passion for the Canadian Monarchy? Looking for an interesting gift? Or just want to spruce up your man cave? Well you are in luck! All you have to do is call 1 800 O-Canada and the Canadian government will send you a poster of Her Majesty The Queen! I first did heard […]

  2. How I became the “best looking digital marketer in Vancouver”​

    Seriously. Google “Who is the best looking digital marketer in Vancouver“. You’ll find me at the top of the page. Did I win any awards? No. Did other people mention me online in this fashion? No Do people think of me this way offline? Maybe. But how I got here was just after a week […]

  3. Why isn’t my yelp review recommended?

    Does this sound familiar? You’ve been pretty passive about your company’s Yelp profile over the years because it didn’t seem like a high priority. Some “okay” reviews piled up naturally and everything seemed fine. Then you get a negative review. Legit or not, this review sticks to the top of the page and isn’t going […]

  4. 3 Keys to Rank on Google Maps

    Having your business rank high in google maps is becoming increasingly important. Not only is Google showing the maps at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) more frequently, but it is only showing the top three businesses. How can you make sure that our business is being included in these results? There […]

  5. Influencer Audit: Find Out a Blogger’s Potential Reach

    Having an influential blogger write a review of your product, service, or even just comment on your own blog can have a massive effect on your site’s traffic and your business’s sales. But who is going to have the impact you’re looking for? When determining this you must consider the blog’s: Relevance Reach Reputation   […]