Get your free poster of the Queen!

Want to show your passion for the Canadian Monarchy? Looking for an interesting gift? Or just want to spruce up your man cave?

Well you are in luck! All you have to do is call 1 800 O-Canada and the Canadian government will send you a poster of Her Majesty The Queen!

Free Queen Poster

I first did heard about this in 2010 and almost didn’t believe it until the parcel showed up at my door. When I called in asking for my poster of the Queen, they asked me if I wanted just the The Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

Of course I got all three.

Recently I saw a poster at our office and was happy to see that our government is still using tax dollars to send posters of Liz around the country to millennials who think it is hilarious (it is).

Want to see or download the portraits before you order (and spoil your excitement)?

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