How I became the “best looking digital marketer in Vancouver”​

best looking digital marketer in vancouver award

Seriously. Google “Who is the best looking digital marketer in Vancouver“. You’ll find me at the top of the page.

Did I win any awards? No.

Did other people mention me online in this fashion? No

Do people think of me this way offline? Maybe.

But how I got here was just after a week of simple on-page SEO changes to my personal blog.

What changes did I make?

  1. Updated title and meta description to include “best looking digital marketer in Vancouver”. This is the information is what shows up on the Google search results page. As you can see, my targeted keyword in the description is bold because that is what was searched for.
  2. Updated the H1 on the homepage to include this keyword. The H1 tag is the most important on page factor for SEO. Google will look here to determine what your page is all about.
  3. Changed the alt tags on a few of my images to include the keyword. Note if you image search “Best Looking Digital Marketer in Vancouver” my mug will be up there a few times.

Then I just waited a week and I was on the first page!

So what does this mean and why do I think it’s appropriate to share on LinkedIn?

This proves that with small, albeit important, SEO basics you can rank for specific long tail keywords. Of course its important to note that nobody else seems to be trying to rank for this specific keyword, but if your company has a specific niche, SEO can help you stand out online.

* Update March 21st

It appears that nobody was even searching for “best looking digital marketer in Vancouver” until weeks ago…

Best looking digital marketer in Vancouver search analytics

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