IABC Event Review: “How Networking & Brand Building will make your Career Go Boom”

This event turned out mostly about blogging. So this is a blog about blogging. I fear I will have a lot of these if I start to enjoy blogging and run out of content ideas at the same time.

The event featured Jonathan Anthony (@ThisMuchWeKnow), who had a great presentation on using personal branding to grow your network. He admitted he lost his original presentation, so he compiled his most recent tweets into a blog post that represented his personal branding instead.

At first this sounded lazy to me, but it actually turned out amazing, which made the idea seem even more brilliant.

My main takeaways were:

  • Get blogging
  • Share rather than save
  • Get networking

Get Blogging

Autoposing blogsOver the past few years I have been a big supporter of blogging for businesses for many reasons. One of them being that it establishes you as a thought leader your industry.

This is no different for personal blogs. If you want to reach an audience, have your voice heard, and have people think of you when they want advice on a certain topic, it helps if you already have a library of posts answering their other questions.

Getting the motivation to write on a consistent basis can be difficult. After the presentation I asked Jonathan if he had any tips. He said that he would normally write a few posts at a time and autoposts them. It also helps if you don’t nap.

Share Rather Than Save

When you have great content share it. It used to be that if you had something great, you would protect it and keep it internally within a company or within your inner circle. This would protect it and help you out perform your competitors.

Now when you have something great, or are working on something great, it’s better to share it with the world. This will help you expand your network. By sharing great work you are doing, you attract likeminded people and help set yourself apart.

If you keep your uniqueness to yourself, it won’t do anything for your brand.

Get Networking

Since this was a volunteering appreciation event for a professional networking group, he was preaching to the choir.

Having a large professional network can help you stand out as a go getter, create more business leads, and can help you find work if you are looking for a job. Most jobs these days aren’t awarded to those who have the best resume, but those who have relationships with somebody else in the company.

This has been my second year volunteering with the IABC and I haven’t regretted a minute of it. I have met a lot of other communication professionals, both established and fresh out of school. It has also helped me find the job I currently have and I assume networking will help me find my next position.

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