Organizing your social media with a blog-centric social model.

Imagine an event promoter who is constantly trying to sell tickets to events.  They have a huge following on Facebook, and an even larger following on twitter.  The event is detailed event page on their Facebook with a link to the Ticketmaster or EventBrite link.  Daily tweets are urging their thousands of followers to view the FB event page.

This model might be able to drive some ticket sales, but the promoter can’t be sure where their ticket buying guests are coming from.  All they know is they are selling X amount.  Maybe they could be selling twice as many, if they could focus more on the channels that are actually working.

The blog centric model is a great social media strategy to grow brand awareness,  engage users, and be able to analyze results.

Blog Centric Social Media Model

All of your content originates from the blog and the posts would then be broadcast through other social media channels driving traffic back to your site. This allows visitors to learn more about your product or service on the website where they will hopefully take action.  Blogs can also be set up to be easily share-able so guests can retweet, share it on Facebook, or on other forms of social media.

By directing everything to your blog, you can track what the users do once they are on your site in Google Analytics (Something you can’t do through Facebook).  By looking at the data Google provides, you will be able to see how much traffic you are getting from all of your social media channels and, better yet, see what channels are converting into customers.

Maybe you are getting a lot of clicks through your twitter feed, but they’re bouncing once they land on your page.  Twitter might not be where you want to spend too much of your efforts then.  Learn what is working for you, and spend more time there.

I hope this will help you get your business’s social media on a coherent track.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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