Pros and Cons of Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently unleashed their new “Enhanced Campaigns” for Adwords.  The main difference is that all mobile, tablets and desktops all in the same campaign. At first glance, I questioned the use of the word “enhanced” because I would have to combine my mobile, tablet and desktop campaigns.  I had spent a considerable amount of time separating my campaigns by device, like all best practices told me to.

Was all this for nothing? Is the “enhanced upgrade” going to be worth it? A Pros and Cons list needed to be created.


  • New bidding adjustment
    • You can now change you bidding (based on location, time of day, and device) all from one campaign. Prior to Enhanced Campaigns, you had to have separate campaigns for every different bidding option. Now you can just add a multiplier to a location or device. You might want to decrease your mobile bids by 20%, then a $10.00 bid would become $8.00
    • Customize your ads for mobile
      • This is exactly what it sounds like, if you would like a certain ad to also show up on mobiles, simply tick a box beside the add.
      • This is a great feature if you already didn’t have a campaign set up for mobile ads specifically.
    • Mobile conversions
      • Adwords Enhanced Campaigns is adding a “mobile advertising conversion” type base on call duration. Prior to this, it was hard to tell mobile conversions if the user chose to call instead of filling out a form, since most conversion trackers were placed on thank you pages. This will drastically help any business who includes their phone # measure ROI.


  • Mobile CPC is going up
    • Due to the increased advertiser competition this upgrade will bring, the CPC will rise. This was to be expected with the rise of mobile users increasing over time, but the enhanced campaigns will speed this process up.
    • You can’t have a mobile-only campaign
      • The short generic keywords that only make sense for mobile users can no longer exist on their own campaign. Now all keywords that run on a mobile must also run on desktops.

Not sure…

  • Tablet targeting is no more
    • Google claims the difference between tablets and notebooks/desktops is becoming too blurred to differentiate in adwords. Tablets will now be aligned with desktop with their keyword groupings and ad options.


There is more good than bad in the updates. The purpose of this exercise was an excuse to find more CONS to help justify my annoyance of having to change over my campaigns. This was not the case and I will be embracing the enhanced campaigns in the future.

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