Web Design Research in Vancouver – 2014

Amount and size of companies?

Too many to count. Tech Vibes listed over 750 companies that were involved in web development on their site. Not all of these do strictly web development. Many of them are simply large companies that have their own in house developers, such as Clearly Contacts or Amazon Vancouver.

Business in Vancouver had an article ranking the biggest web development companies in Vancouver (by number of employees), and there were 26 companies with staff larger than 10.

Most of those offering web design and development services are contractors working on their own. This means that the quality and amount they will be willing to charge to vary greatly.

Costs of web development

The costs of having a small (5-10 page) website can vary depending on what the client wants, and also how the designer/development company charges. An article developed by webessive.com estimated that the average estimate for a 5 page site would be $1236-$4,020.

The main costs that are incurred for sites this size are:

  • Conceptual design – The web designer will give you designs based on your needs and your company’s branding.
  • Programming – Once you are happy with the design, the design will have to be programmed with HTML and CSS into a template for whichever CMS program you are using.
  • Hosting and domain – unlike the one-time costs mentioned above, these costs will be ongoing. You will need to secure whatever domain you are after, as well has pay for your site to be hosted online.

Threats to web developers

Free WordPress Templates

WordPress sites are relatively easy to use and there are many free templates you can download, and upload your company’s logo and braded colours to make it your own. There is also a lot of support online such as ‘how to demonstrations’, ‘instructional videos’ and support forums’ to help users learn the ropes.

Social media as a replacement

Some companies opt out of Website’s completely and rely on their social media platforms instead. Instead of driving visitors to their website, they can visit their FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google + Business page instead.

This could be a good option for small startups, who are looking to keep their costs low in exchange for the added time it would take to manage the multiple sites.

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